Corporate Consultancy Services

If you are seeking a strategic results-driven counselor to help your internal teams enhance the retention of your diverse talent and engagement and ROI from your employee affinity groups, to work in driving your existing diversity and inclusion council(s) or establish one, to look at identifying how to efficiently manage your external community partners and stakeholders, R. Fenimore Fisher Group, LLC is the ultimate service provider for you.  

Tired of doing endless benchmarking and needing your teams internally to decide how to best leverage your workforce, workplace and marketplace for innovation, we can assist you through predictive analysis, performance reporting and grass roots emerging market strategy. Needing a review of your existing grievance process or seeking an arbitrator and/or mediator for your existing in house ADR process, Fenimore Fisher has years of experience in consent decree management and managing the intake process for claims specific to sexual harrassment, discrimination, age bias, discrimination based upon physical ability, national origin and sexual oreintation and/or identity, and religous beliefs.  We are your leading source for workforce dispute guidance, risk management and escalation avoidance.

If seeking innovative ways to do more with less in the area of supplier diversity focusing on mentoring of existing vendors, leveraging your size to assist your diverse vendors in tight capital markets, encouraging syndicates of your women and minority led professional services firms, our consultancy group can serve as your leading provider.